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For us part of the value is not jumping to microservices right away. We’ve a convention for separating out what are essentially bounded contexts into separate projects, and a few scripts to check for architectural conformance. So we start with a ‘managed monolith’, but can pull stuff out if and only if it’s really necessary. Each one uses it’s own db, etc so breaking them out into QG’s when we hit that point isn’t typically a big deal


Does datomic ions support cross-account deployments? We have a dev/test account and an acc/prod account. We want to do an ion push in dev/test and deploy the generated artifact in acc/prod


no, you’d need to push to prod


Hi, I’m looking for information on error recovery practices for Datomic cloud. Not sure that’s the right terminology, but one problem that particularly worries me is what if someone accidentally calls delete-database? I couldn’t see a way in to prevent this and if I didn’t have an backup, my company’s data would just be gone. I’ve been following this thread, but haven’t seen any details there.

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