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@souenzzo you asking about ability to plug alternate rendering? That’s not completely fleshed out, but you can currently do it using the :optimized-render app option.


I still need to give hooks for overriding which react functions are used for core functions.


@souenzzo I added options to the application that should work now: :render-root!, :hydrate-root!, and also added :hydrate? option to mount to indicate you want to hydrate a SSR page.

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I will try RN again this night 🙂


released in alpha 20

Drew Verlee14:07:00

Has anyone built a UI state machine in fulcro? Im not doubting it possible (or easy, the fuclro book explains how it would work fairly well), i would just like to see an example 🙂 particularly with something like state charts.


@drewverlee The new dynamic router uses them, the template has a login one.


see the source of either


and of course you can use xstate if you want full state charts…you just have to do a little js adapting. UISM is more just finite sm, but integrated nicely with Fulcro’s other features.

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@tony.kay The upload remote is identical to the example, I removed the :serial? entry to just use the default and nothing looks to be setting parallel loads. I am uploading to localhost and throttling my network connection to be able to test with smaller files. Disabling the throttling and using large files doesn't seem to make a difference, perhaps localhost does for some reason?


There could have been a regression since I wrote the example. I’m not sure who’s been using file uploads and of those, who is supporting aborts. I coded another project recently (that is not currently in use) that was using it, and it was working.


It’s a deps-based project. you could clone fulcro, set your deps to point to local root, and add logging statements to the various spots and see what is going on…that’s the best I can do


The application ns abort proxies out to the abort method in the http remote, which in turn tracks xhrio objects by abort id. So, it is just cancelling the xhrio request, which in turn should cause a abort event that should reoprt through the stack


Hm. I can verify: my code abort seems to not be working either 😕 Could have gotten broken back when we added more network activity monitoring.

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Thanks for looking into this! Would further investigation be helpful or is waiting until v3 is out probably the best bet? We're planning on moving to v3 when it's out of incubator.


If you find the issue I’ll fix it, but otherwise all of my time is on v3 at the moment.

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I just added abort ID support to load/mutation in F3. Not released, but on the tip of develop branch.


Awesome, thanks!