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Andy Nicholson05:07:22

@lee it's always Monday somewhere in the world 😉

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I have a terminology question, maybe someone here can help? We are developing a learning system in clojure and use EDN Documents to describe several components (Exercises, Content, Quizzes, Learning Units). So for every component we a have rules, that the base structure is a map {}, it should have an attribute :id, and so on.. (it gets complex, these are simple rules) I am not a native speaker so my question is, what is the correct English term for the entirety of these rules? Notation, Specification, Schema, File Format?


Are you using clojure.spec to specify these rules/constraints?


yes, mostly.


I think that, as you said, "schema" might be the right term. Many applications define json/xml schemas and there are validators for json/xml schemas.


@U1Q12R4F2 Not sure if this is what you mean, but perhaps domain model?

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I think that domain model is one abstraction level above. At the moment it's focused on the data structure, so schema seems to be the right word. Domain Model, might be interesting, when I'm describing how, why and with whom the data and the whole system is used/shared.


why not Rules?


It is a concept I want to write about and "Learning Object Notation" or "Learning Object Schema" did sound in my opinion more precise than "Learning Object Rules" - maybe because of the multiple contexts where the word "rules" is used


schema makes more sense to my ears.

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