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A suggestion for the Cloud docs: I used a non-default region for my Cloud Stack and this caused problems in setting up cloud (key pairs in other regions) and with Ion push (an error about not finding matching tags). Maybe the docs could help noobs like me avoid these errors by making the sensitivity to region more explicit?


for reference, the Ion error when pushing to the incorrect region is “Did not find exactly one result with tags” so not obvious that the region is the problem

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another doc correction: the post-deploy curl command fails with 403 {“message”:“Missing Authentication Token”} but, if you add any path to the uri then it succeeds e.g. curl https://$(obfuscated-name). -d :hat


without the /foo it will 403


I have a question about Ion transaction fns vs traditional Datomic “transactor” fns: in Ion transaction fns, the generation of datoms and the transaction of those datoms is 2 separate steps, unlike the old transactor fns. Does this mean we run the risk of concurrency issues if the delay between generate vs transact is non-zero? In the old world, these were a single step so no concerns like this. What is the advice for how to implement db invariants (e.g. composite keys) in light of this?


ideally I’d like to use spec to validate entities being written but, for now, reliable composite keys are my focus