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Alright @alexmiller, I've almost finished that "google for deps without lein" tool you were wanting :) Just putting the finishing touches on the readme …


Alright, would love if folks here could kick the tires on this and tell me what you think:


I think this is one tool I actually started using while I was in the middle of writing it. Didn't realize how badly I wanted it :) No more going to google to find dep coords


^ Very nice 🙂

👍 12

Ok, who here knows something about stdin/stdout flushing? I'm adding the ability to pipe find-deps commands together, and having a devil of a time getting that to work


for posterity: 1) shopt -u lastpipe is evil, and I had to disable that (`shopt -s lastpipe`) 2) (print "") (flush) at the top of -main will prime the stdout stream such that other processes connected via pipes can test for this condition with (pos? (.available System/in))


Latest find-deps was just pushed, it now has the ability to write updates to your deps.edn file. I posted an announcement to the Clojure list too


E.g. adding metosin/jsonista is now as easy as: clj -A:find-deps -F:save jsonista


I haven't really found any cases yet where the fuzzy matching has picked totally the wrong lib - that's probably the number one thing you can bring to my attention if you see it fail