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@eraserhd Is there a way to make rust-parinfer always leave empty lines without whitespace as well? When it combines lines of closing pars, it seems to always move just the pars, and not eliminate the redundant whitespace

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In those particular cases I think it would make sense to remove the line completely, as otherwise it's creating more empty lines between sections

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Let me see if I can look into this next week. It might be a bit more complicated, since I don't want to change lines the user hasn't edited, but I think I can do something.


@eraserhd Also it seems that it gets mixed up with non-ascii chars that have more than one bytes in utf-8...:

(def äää {:foo 1
             :bar 2})

(def aaa {:foo 1
          :bar 2})


Hm, but that's rather a real issue and not a question, so I'll go make an issue


I googled a bit more and found These things make me want to close my eyes and ears and walk away...