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That’s a fair point, I’m just saying it’s not really a rocket science to fix it, but it’s a lot of work for a relatively small gain, and I can’t be fixing all the problems in every project. I’m really disappointed that so few people care about the tooling and the same 5 people seem to be involved across the board with everything. That’s a strange aspect of the Clojure community, compared to the Ruby one, where I’m also heavily involved. Maybe it’s a matter of size, maybe there’s something deeper here (e.g. people waiting on Cognitect to do everything for them).


Anyone know of a (preferably Clojure) library that can help with aligning stuff like bindings inside binding vectors? I have been told that Cursive does this very well and letting the user choose wether to align or enforce one space between the pairs.


cursive does this very well as verified by my coworkers. clojure-mode (a dependency of CIDER) has a command clojure-align which is bound at C-c spc for me which does this nicely. If you are looking for a library, I believe the standard is to use


I am using cljfmt 😃 Does it do aligns?


@dpsutton Btw, you can also configure clojure-mode to align stuff by default. 🙂 No need to use the command.


I have yet to really dig around in clojure-mode. Thanks


(setq clojure-align-forms-automatically t)


Still, is there a way to get cljfmt to align stuff?


I don’t think so. Just went over the config and I don’t see anything about alignment there.


Thanks for checking that. I thought it was me being totally stupid. 😃


When cider aligns forms, it is elisp code doing it?


Yes. It’s not even CIDER, it’s clojure-mode itself.


(`clojure-mode` doesn’t need a running REPL to work)