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@misha a license is for a "system" and includes staging and qa.


To be super clear, that means you would have 1 license to cover all 3 environments.


so "system" is my system, not "datomic setup", nice


Does anyone know why d/tx-range doesn’t report on the datoms that appear transacted in a new database? In such a database, I see system datoms transacted at times [0 54 56 63].


It starts at t=1000


If you want everything you can look at the index for the db/txInstant attribute


@dustingetz thanks, read that one few times. It is just, almost everyone in google groups uses db/sharding/system/nodes/connections /transactors/peers very loosely (or at least db-as-application-data vs db-as-actual-datomic-db-term - interchangeably). And depending on actual meaning – answer's meaning changes dramatically.


@misha the meaning is per database, though several databases adding up to exceed 10 billion datoms behind the same transactor would encounter some perf challenges as well. 🙂 And you’re probably safe assuming when anyone on the Datomic team says “database” they mean database rather than peer, transactor or something else. Precision in use of terminology is definitely a goal there in community support.