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Another possibility of having a graphics app with clojure: port newLisp's guiserver.lsp to clojure. It sends text commands to a Java server piede which renders the GUI. Works on Linux, Mac OS and Windows. You could also have the graphics rendering on a different box than where the clojure code is running.

Philip Hale19:05:56

Is it possible to have an org-mode file include source code blocks that are functions imported from separate files? I'd like to write a literate-programming style document which shows how an idea evolved, but that format doesn't make as much sense for the end-result code. I don't want to lose the narrative-driven version when extracting functions into modules. The canonical version of some code should be organized into logical namespaces for reuse, but a document version should introduce functions as they are needed. I could obviously just copy/paste snippets into a file, but it would be cool if the document could import from a single source of truth...