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@dfornika thanks for taking a look. It really is a joy to model at the attribute level. Both Val’s and Tiago’s ideas inspired my own with this, and I’ve been exploring ways to take it further. For example, I think it would be interesting to add attributes to the “meta schema” like :private? (true|false) to allow for mechanical results (as Hodur calls them) surrounding access control. It could obviously be more complex than a boolean value, but I can imagine, for example, a simple datom syncing service that strips private content before sending it to listeners. Or maybe :persisted?, which can be used to strip transient attributes from domain maps before being stored in a database... Working at the attribute level opens up many interesting possibilities (and surely its own complexities too).


Hey @U6GFE9HS7... happy something I explore and love sharing has inspired you! See you in November.


(👋 @luchini, hope all is well with you. Looking forward to Conj)