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Hi. I've cloned fulcro-todomvc and I've started the figwheel repl. The prompt hasn't yet appeared because Figwheel hasn't yet connected to the application. The next section of the is Running it: > Server and it says to run lein repl. I did that in a terminal in the root folder of the repo and the response is REPL server launch timed out. ... What am I missing?


@U0H8WFJ8J don’t use that, it’s very out of date


that’s a better place to start


Is the RealWorld walkable app current or out of date?


@U0H8WFJ8J it's not outdated, but it uses a different stack from supported one (Duct framework instead of Component and Walkable instead of Pathom Connect)


also, as I get more experience there are several things I want to improve but haven't found the time