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Drew Verlee17:05:01

@tonsky i just started watching your video tutorials on rum and datascript. Thanks for making them! i'm curious, does that setup include a persistent data layer?


@cjsauer Your pubg-clj project looks great. I've been (slowly) working on refactoring a clojure API client for a bioinformatics workflow system called 'galaxy' and I've been looking for good examples of clojure REST API client libraries.


Awesome! I've done some work in Galaxy. Cool to hear that you're using Clojure in that context.


I've been interested in working with clojure for quite a while but have had trouble finding projects to work on. I work with galaxy pretty regularly because we use it in the IRIDA project ( I noticed that the clj-blend project was dormant so I thought that it might be a good opportunity to contribute to the community and also get some experience.


I like the idea of using datascript to store the data model, it seems similar to the ideas described in Valentin Waeselynck's blog post here: