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Daniel Compton’s The REPL is also great


not sure if they still do them but I enjoyed this too


And if you are up for video, Apropos Clojure is great fun

eccentric J00:05:05

Not opposed by any means but wanted something I could listen to while working


a long time ago i remember on the cognicast someone mentioned that they worked for a whole summer and ultimately added a semicolon to a prolog program. anyone happen to remember that episode?


ah! exclamation mark for cut, not semicolon > I did have an answer. Let me think. What did I say my most beautiful bit of code was? It was a single exclamation mark I added on my thesis. It was a massive Prolog program, and I spent probably about three months analyzing this AI planning system. My sole contribution to those three months was a single exclamation mark, which was just, in Prolog, cutting the back tracing. I was so satisfied that I had a big comment next to it for anyone who was reviewing the coding like, "This took three months. This is where I started. This was my contribution." The smallest and, I think, perhaps the most beautiful bit of code I've ever written.

eccentric J01:05:13

What’s like the context\purpose of this story?


they were talking about beautiful code. i threw it up here because i forgot how to find it and was wondering if anyone knew. But then I found it and just thought it is an awesome story

eccentric J01:05:38

I guess I’m not following their perspective on it without having heard the interview. Like was the code so good that all they could contribute was an exclamation mark?


Ahh. The exclamation is very important in prolog. It’s a logic language and will search through a bunch of possible solutions. This includes backtracking. The cut operator prevents backtracking across the point where it is added. So this was intense scrutiny that this was appropriate


Prolog is a two year old child: you ask it a question and either it succeeds and gives you the answer, or it just says "No." You can spend a lot of time asking Prolog questions and just getting "No." back repeatedly 😐


In Prolog, ! can be a massive optimization and it can also cause a lot of correct answers to be omitted if you put it in the wrong place.


(I love Prolog, BTW, and worked at a company in the early 90's that did a lot of production Prolog work 🙂 )

Lennart Buit08:05:41

Prolog seemed so magical in the little exposure I had with it.


I only used prolog on the university and only to build a game. Maybe that's why I see it only as a academic/toy language. But it's used commercially as well?


Yes. It's definitely a niche language but it's been in use commercially for decades.

Drew Verlee00:05:32

Someone mentioned RETE in the context of figuring out "what queries changed as a result of this new fact", could it mean something other then RETE Algorithm?


sounds like RETE to me.

👍 8

@jayzawrotny Here is my list of podcasts in a screenshot from iTunes:

eccentric J16:05:14

Perfect, thanks!