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Hi * the folks at Scicloj are looking into organizing a Clojure data science meetup in connection to ClojureD end of Feb in Berlin. Are you joining us / interested? Let us know ->

Daniel Slutsky19:10:52

Video of the Scicloj meeting about Datahike we had on Monday: Many thanks to @konrad.kuehne for the talk, @sakalli for moderating and @danielsz for some historical background he gave through the talk. ❤️

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Saite update: New key bindings document showing default bindings but more importantly the function identifiers for each capability. The latter is 'more important' because they are what you use if you want to have your own custom bindings. All such custom bindings are set in ~/.saite/config.edn in [:editor :key-bindings] section. Plus there is a new uberJAR that fixes some issues with Windows:

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