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David Pham09:10:40

How can I get the project manager on the left of this picture with emacs prelude?

Alexander Heldt09:10:30

i don’t have a complete answer for you, but i know that is either or (you can choose in emacs-doom)


I’d suggest using treemacs. Probably we should add some module for it in Prelude. I just don’t use file managers myself, that’s why I never got to doing this myself.

David Pham17:10:12

Haha. What are the policies for contributing to prelude? I created a module for R/ESS but not sure if it production quality :) on an other note, how can you make cider works with Rebl?


Just file a PR and I’ll provide you feedback there. The structure of modules in Prelude is pretty basic so contributing is easy.


As for REBL - you need to setup the nrebl middleware to be able to it is.


@neo2551 Its pretty similar with dired-sidebar


personally, I find both neotree and treemacs to be quite cumbersome and “clunky”. I use “direx” - it is simple, clean, easily extendible.


There’s no sidebar in diredx I think. Seems to me you’re using dired-sidebar. 🙂


what’s a sidebar? it’s just another buffer. What I have in the gif is direx. I haven’t even heard about dired-sidebar until this moment. Will try it, thanks!


Looks like this is popwin + direx?


is that a mouse moving in emacs I see 😉


Yeah, the mouse is to stop gif recording, it's outside I don't use mouse in Emacs