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Kari Marttila10:10:00

Anyone knows if Finnish companies in the Helsinki metropolitan area are looking for a Clojurist for a green field cloud native project? I'd like to find an interesting project in which I could work with the team implementing the cloud infra (I have certs in AWS, Azure and GCP and quite a lot of experience implementing AWS infra using Terraform) and implementing the services / apps on top of the infra using Clojure (I have implemented one production cloud service using Clojure and studied Clojure quite a lot in my free time) ?


I believe Reaktor uses Clojure (not exclusively) and they are based in Helsinki

Cenya Firzon17:10:35

I would like to invite anyone looking for positions to sign up on We are working on a ai algorithm to help candidates and recruiters find the perfect fit. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.


@UPKDKQM5K Is that platform written in Clojure/ClojureScript? Does it host a number of FP software roles?

Cenya Firzon21:10:30

They have software roles.

Cenya Firzon21:10:55

Sorry did not mean to intrude if not allowed I will delete my post.

Cenya Firzon21:10:54

Could I post it in announcements somewhere?


If it isn't Clojure/FP-related, it would be considered spam here.


(I'm one of the moderators here, in case you hadn't guessed)


I already deleted your post as it seemed off-topic for this community. I just wanted to check with you directly so you're aware of the Clojure/Functional Programming focus.