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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)06:04:24

Hi Colin, I have a couple Babashka integration issues I’m running into. 1. I use the EnvFile plugin to share a .env file between direnv and the IntelliJ Run/Debug configs. It works just fine with a normal clojure repl, but the EnvFile tab is missing from the BB REPL. Is there something different about the BB REPL that could be changed, e.g. like in 2. Minor note: I have a scripts/ dir and place BB scripts in it, I get lots of complaints about “Namespace name does not correspond to filesystem hierarchy”. Nothing seems to make it go away, neither renaming, nor marking scripts as a sources root.


Could you file issues for those, and I’ll look at them?

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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)08:04:02

OK, it’s . I took a closer look at the second one, and I think it’s a clj-kondo error, not Cursive.