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Drew Verlee02:04:15

What should i use for file operations such that my current buffer can be kept in sync.

Drew Verlee02:04:38

e.g i want to move a file, and have my buffer understand it was moved and update, and not prompt me to save the file.


What do you use right now? I think dired is good for moving/renaming files. I also use NeoTree.


I use SPC f R on a buffer to rename a file, moving it to a different place on the path. Saving the file will create any directories that don't already exist. If it's a Clojure file, I would use LSP rename, , r r on the buffer namespace which should also move the file to the corresponding file path. I am not aware of tools to manage buffers if files are moved outside of Emacs.

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Martynas M06:04:31

Does anyone know about evil mode operators? I want to sent an output of a motion to a function and it works. But then my cursor jumps to the beginning of the motion and I want to leave it at the current (point). How do I do that? It could also work if I'd be able to call the operator myself. But then I don't know the params. In this case I could try to use save-excursion.

Martynas M06:04:37

Figured it out:

:move-point nil