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Seems like GraalVM is going to have macOS arm64 support (in a stable release) before CircleCI does (, huh?


Guess so. We can take whatever free CI comes first with M1 support. Maybe even Oracle cloud? ;)

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Not sure if this would be a viable option or not, but a few day-jobs ago we used an interesting CI service called BuildKite where they hosted the web UI but you hosted the runners. I guess GitHub Actions supports the same model now, so that's probably the more straightforward approach. Want to run a Patreon campaign for a Mac Studio build machine on your desk, @borkdude? 😉


Yeah actions had self hosted runners since a while now, build-machine-on-desk is indeed a nice one


we have been using self hosted ones for a lot of (mis)usecases


I setup a "spin up on demand, spin down when quiet" self-hosted GHA runner thing in AWS awhile back just b/c we needed more resources than their runners gave us. I wonder what the cost of doing that w/ AWS's M1 Mac instances would be? Probably could run that for awhile before it hit Mac Studio cost. 🙂


hopefully it will be all moot soon. somebody's got to come out with support in a free hosted CI thing before too long, right? (right?!) 😆


or the rate at which graal people are running, cross compiling support from them


that being a JVM thing and being platform specific is a bit weird for me honestly 😛


anyways since a bunch of us have M1 machines now, we can test and ship binaries til we get CI, releases are anyways manual for now


yeah, I'm happy to contribute builds if needed


guaranteed 98% backdoor-free! 😉