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Daniel Gerson01:04:30

Interesting project. Enjoying your blog. Some random thoughts. Regarding your choice of Python ... would the release of nbb / Node.js have changed your mind?


Python has a few benefits over bb: • Comes pre-installed on macOS/Linux • Has a lot of batteries bundled: arg parser, files, processes, zip, network • Lots of people know Python already


So for non-Clojure project I’d probably still go with Python to make it more accessible


For Clojure projects, it depends. When I last tried bb, running an external process was very inconvenient. I’ll have to check where it is at these days, maybe situation has improved

Daniel Gerson13:04:52

nbb is clojurescript using Node.js and so using that infrastructure, unlike bb which is GraalVM exported. Having said that I don't know it solves your problems, I'm just curious.


I haven’t looked into nbb, only bb

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Daniel Gerson01:04:31 You could create your own version of Clojure interfaces that does not include the rest of the library. Ideally you could convince Clojure core to make this change for you at some point (they should separate it for exactly this use case).


I tried that. But I also needed AFn (abstract class) and Keyword (just class) at the very least. I could’ve copied these too, but then if anything changes in the implementation I’d be in trouble