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Anyone know what could be causing this error when I connect to the nREPL and execute the Load file in REPL command? I have Reagent and React + React DOM installed properly (can Ctrl+Click to drill into each), and it was compiling properly previously. The code works in-browser FWIW:

Syntax error (FileNotFoundException) compiling at (src/
Could not locate reagent/dom__init.class, reagent/dom.clj or reagent/dom.cljc on classpath.
  (:require [reagent.core :as r]
            [reagent.dom :as rd]))

Ivar Refsdal07:04:58

Sounds like you are missing piggieback / did not start figwheel/whatnot properly. That is Cursive/nrepl is in JVM-mode, and not ClojureScript/browser land...

Oliver George22:04:02

Refactor thought. It would be nice to have an IntelliJ action for transforming the selection by passing it to a random clojure fn. (heh, probably the origin of emacs right there!). Needs to handle multicursor to be transformative for me. Examples I'd use it for today: • make a statement one line (replace \s+ with " ") • call "name" on a keyword to use the name for a def statement (avoids differences between :this/one and ::two)

Benjamin C04:04:32

Part of why I use emacs is precisely for this kind of thing. Well, that, and structural editing with Symex, Avy, custom jump-list functionality, magit, (Hmm, this list is getting long), etc. However, there are some times where neither lsp or cider can help you much. IE. Being able to set a break point in some lib's code, or pause on exception. That is where Cursive has been invaluable to me. Also, I'm still pretty new to Emacs, so sometimes if I can't figure something out in Emacs and can't justify the time I would need to figure it out, it's Cursive with it's intuitive UX to the rescue.

Oliver George22:04:09

Today I use the string manipulation plugin heavily. With this I'd have a non restrictive alternative...

Oliver George22:04:27

Perhaps it could grow to allow a preconfigured list.