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Nom Nom Mousse13:04:54

I have a project I usually start with lein run --my-flag myarg. Is there a way to do the same in Cursive, but also open a REPL connected to the running program?

Nom Nom Mousse13:04:43

The easiest thing was to start the program the usual way and then connecting to it from Cursive.


Yes, this is the best option - start it e.g. in the terminal in IntelliJ or on the command line, and then connect to it using a Remote REPL.

Nom Nom Mousse11:04:54

Cursive is great, thank you!

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AJ Jaro18:04:17

When running an nREPL with deps.edn, I couldn’t get the :main-opts keyword to be used. Here is the vector for main-opts that I was using which works from the command line ["-e" "(user/reset"]. However, when running this in Cursive, it didn’t execute the function. Is it possible that we aren’t currently respecting that keyword?

AJ Jaro20:04:29

Hmm, thanks. Apparently it's a known issue for a number of folks. @U0567Q30W I'd love to lend a hand on some of these if you're up for it


Unfortunately I have jury duty next week, but I’ll look at this as soon as I’m back.


Fix for this is out in 1.12.3-eap1.

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