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I had to install IntelliJ again, because, in a moment of supreme lack of judgement, tried modifying its startup JVM args to use G1GC — and managed to make the app no longer start on macOS. Not recommended. 🙂 But the amazing upside? I updated to latest version, and saw this magic happen in Cursive — ability to detect out of date deps, and right-click ability to update to latest!! Wow!!! So awesome!

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Be aware: There are times when IntelliJ produces different results than AntQ


I think this happens on non-semver version ids

R.A. Porter17:04:32

In future, you could also manually edit IntelliJ\ It's deep in $HOME/Library... (path depends on your IJ version).


WOW! @UDCGPTV9R: Confirmed that it’s running on my laptop as well! I can’t wait to see to what extent it fixes the “spinning ball” issues that have mildly bothered me for years. @U01GXCWSRMW. (I did indeed try to modify the vmoptions file back, but I had somehow hopelessly screwed up my config. Reinstall was painless, though.)

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@U6VPZS1EK Also, check the Dependencies toolwindow, where you can just update everything in one go.


I'd like to ask a Cursivist for a favor. This issue Would be great if some experienced Cursive user tried this and can figure out if the README instructions need to be corrected or if something else could be the cause. The price is golden stars in heaven, as we say in Swedish. (Meaning I will be super grateful for the help!)

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I’ll try this out this afternoon, since I’d like to try RN anyway.

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