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Hi, I’m having a weird problem with my setup which is reducing the value of linting because I’m getting so many spurious errors. I’m using the clojure/java-time library all over the place (using Intellij/Cursive/deps.edn), and it’s working fine in the repl and compiling properly. However, everywhere I use it I get kondo lint errors about functions not being resolvable. For example, if I have something like this:

(ns clj-time-test
  (:require [java-time :as jt]))
, Kondo informs me that ‘jt/instant cannot be resolved’ - even though the code works fine and I have java-time in my deps as a dependency. When I look at the java_time.clj namespace itself, I see similar errors. I’m aware that clj-kondo may not be the cause of this problem and it may be flagging some other error in my setup, but maybe someone else has seen this before and could give me a pointer as to what may be causing it because I cannot see anything obvious. Thanks in advance!


…and I just upgraded the clojure-extras plugin, generated stubs and the problem has resolved:slightly_smiling_face: