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would it be possible to push version 1.11.0 (the last version without this bug) which is compatible with intellij 2021.3 so anyone can downgrade to that if needed? unfortunately I've upgraded intellij to 2021.3 and now I cannot downgrade the plugin because there is no such combination of versions here: Reverting the whole intelliJ install, including all settings and plugins is a pain..

Ilan Uzan10:12:27

anyone else is using Intellij on Windows and has a problem with one of the leiningen projects (not on WSL), that whenever I run the REPL Intellij just gets stuck on "Calculating classpath" forever? If so, how did you solve it? I am working on Windows 10, Intellij Community edition 2021.3, Cursive 1.12.1

Ilan Uzan10:12:52

I see someone described a similar issue, only in deps project - but it doesn't say if and how he solved it.