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Romit Gandhi17:12:56

I have generated re-frame project but in the intellige+cursive it is not detecting it and I'm not able to use any plugin features, do I need to do something extra?


I’m going to need more information about what you’re doing, and what is not working. Did you follow either or to import your project?

Romit Gandhi17:01:15

Actually @U0567Q30W, I generated re-frame project using lein new re-frame <app-name> and in that there is neither project.clj or deps.edn . Actually, inside that shadow-cljs.edn is there. And when I'm loading that project in Intellige using cursive it is not able to provide me any suggestion or any plugin related features. Can you please help me regarding that ?


How do I add cursive plugin zip file in intellij?


Are you just trying to install Cursive, or do you need to install from disk for some reason?


If you just need to install, then follow this: If you need to install from disk for some reason, do something like this:


hey i'm having some trouble configuring cursive on windows. i'd like to use CLI Tools and installed clojure with the clj on Windows ps script, but it can't find the clojure command.


The best way to use deps with Cursive on Windows is to use tools.deps directly, see:


Cursive can’t use WSL yet, unfortunately. I believe there’s support for graphical apps coming to WSL sometime, and then it should be possible to run IntelliJ entirely inside it, but AFAIK that’s not possible yet. I don’t use Windows myself though, so I’m not very up to date.


is there a way to use wsl?


with cli tools