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Pavel Klavík19:12:20

Hi, I have a problem which only occurs in Safari in advanced compilation, happening somewhere when executing Re-frame code. It is possible to somehow build source maps, so I can find what line it corresponds in dev version?

furkan3ayraktar22:12:43 There are three supported source-map related options under compiler options. These two should be enough: > :source-map (Boolean) defaults to `true` during development, `false` for `release`. > :source-map-detail-level `:all` or `:symbols` (`:symbols` reduces overall size a bit but also a bit less accurate)

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shadow-cljs release app --source-maps or shadow-cljs release app --debug will also enable them temporarily

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Is it possible to specify the hostname for source maps? I’m getting errors like the following:

DevTools failed to load source map: Could not load content for : Connection error: net::ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED
My shadow-cljs build is loaded from an iframe in a Google Sheets sidebar. I would like to replace with .