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itarck02:12:32, here I wrote a clojurescript framework which use multi-methods and integrant., I also tried some examples, integrated new modules like datascript, posh, cljs-http, haslett. Looking forward to hearing some feedback and suggestions.

Drew Verlee07:12:27

The readme states where you took inspiration from, but not why you went another direction or built something new. I'm curious about that.


I think it’s simpler to implement a re-frame registrar with defmulti, like a base abstraction, and defmethod is easily extensible. Finally stateful dependencies are injected by integrant, and the system is easy to configure. The defmulti dispatch function (fn [core method & args] method) is like a kind of pattern, no need for the re-frame’s interceptor and subscribe’s input functions.


In my side project, I wanted to implement a two-tier system, which was a little bit difficult to achieve with re-frame