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Oliver George23:11:36

@cfleming seems to me refactoring to change a require alias should be blindingly fast - it only needs to look in one file. What I see is slow and seems to involve some kind of full project scan.


Do you mean a rename of the alias? That’s possible, yeah, I’ll see if I can fix that.

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I looked into this, and unfortunately it’s not trivial to fix. When the rename dialog pops up you can select “Current File” there, and it should work as expected, but there is no way to change what that scope defaults to so you’ll have to do it manually every time. Fortunately I guess this is an uncommon operation, but it’s not ideal.

Oliver George05:11:56

thanks for looking into it.

Oliver George05:11:32

Wish it was uncommon for me. Perhaps my particular brand of developer OCD is uncommon :-).


that full-project scan also made me uneasy too. it gives the impression, that something else might have changed in some other files too. but it's comforting to know, that it's just some framework limitation 🙂

Oliver George23:11:48

(just feedback in passing)