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Hi all. I'm hoping to replace my Cursive REPL with Reveal. The one piece that feels missing is clojure.test integration. I rely on Cursive's run test integration and diff viewer for my day-to-day work. I can hook up a keybinding to run a command to just run a particular test, but the output is the basic console print method. How are folks working with clojure.test & Reveal?


I considered creating a test runner for Reveal! But that option wasn't very popular in a pool I ran awhile ago:;s=19


I still think the idea is good..


The least you can do is to bind clojure.test/*test-out* to *out* when running tests to forward output to Reveal


Ah got it. I'll try that & see how it improves the output. What was your idea for a test runner integration?


Something like "test" action on vars/nses


That runs tests, accumulates outputs separately per test, displays diffs between expected/actual..


That'd be cool. This is something critical for me to have prior to switching. I'd like to look at implementing this as a library, perhaps this weekend. I'm curious what you thought the var & ns test output might look like?


I haven't thought it through, but I imagined something similar to IDEA's test output pane as seen in java projects - a tree of test contexts with progress reports and test output panel that shows output per selected test in a tree


Thank you for the quick responses. I'll fiddle with this idea this weekend. Never used cljfx so progress will probably be slow 🙂

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Still a ways to go, but basic structure is in place. Goal is to copy Cursive's test runner output:


Woah, this is awesome!