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Hi there, is it possible to configure intellij/cursive to automatically refresh deps and reload the repl when it detects a deps file change?


im not sure it's possible to define precisely what is a deps file change. if u switch to a branch with a different deps file, then it's obvious, but when you are editing the deps file manually, it's unclear when are you in a state, when you would wish to reload a REPL. you might also have auto-save and save-on-focus-lost enabled, which means even when you are mid-edit of a deps.edn, but you switch to an another application, your REPL would be reloaded? i don't think that's very intuitive, nor desirable. then, it's also not clear which REPLs would you restart. if you enabled running multiple instances of the same REPL config, then you might not want to restart all of them. if you are starting your REPLs from a terminal and only connecting to them from Cursive, then what behaviour would you expect? it sounds to me, that this would be a rather niche feature and doesn't worth the effort of introducing some flags and documenting them, with all the above mentioned limitations... i know, it's not the same, but maybe the add-lib clojure tool might cover some of your use-cases. i don't know much about it, but i would start here: