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I’m having that semantic token highlighting error now. (After a “git stash save -> get rebase master -> git stash pop”). It’s visible in the screenshots in two ways. The db is a local variable, but highlighted as a global definition. :config has funny dual coloring. The second screenshot is from the same file, in another form where the db variable looks OK. The semantic markup looks OK. Still not sure if the issue is with #lsp , VS Code, or Calva’s lsp client setup. CC: @ericdallo


it's totally a lsp issue, but a known issue that I intend to fix it soon


the issue happens when changing files outside the editor, like git branch changes


we currently ignore the didChangeWatchedFiles notifications of type change because last time I added support for that it reduced the performance, then I removed and left to fix it later


feel free to create an issue on clojure-lsp side about analysis outdated when changing files outside the editor


Ah, cool. I might add that issue. 😃


I have also seen something that is maybe the same bug when using live share. Sometimes (not sure when) highlighting is broken, and re-joining the live share session then fixes it. I think closing all files and then reopening them fixes it as well, but I’m not 100% sure about that one.


LiveShare might be a similar situation, that the files are changed from “underneath”.


I’m starting to think that parinfer is coming to Calva.


Please consider installing the vsix from that PR (in the start of the Twitter thread). I'd especially like to know whether it works as before with the defaults (parinfer off).


Dear Calva friends. I need help testing the Parinfer VSIX. I’d like to know that it won’t cause too much troubles for people not enabling the experimental features, so even if you are not interested in Parinfer, I’d appreciate your help. Here’s the VSIX: And here’s a demo. And here are docs:

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I’ve installed it and will use it while working with the experimental features disabled.

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)11:11:29

update the link in the orig. message also? 🙏

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Parinfer is a required feature for me to be happy and this times up well with us testing calva for the engineering team writ large


RC3: Fixing an issue with misplaced cursor after some edits. I think I am doing something wrong since I need this fix, I’ve reached out in #parinfer about it.


No issues to report today while working without the experimental features on. I just installed RC3. 🚀

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