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Figwheel doc says "Support for deps.edn and the CLI is currently only available in the Early Access versions of Cursive and it is not yet able to run figwheel-main directly, so for now we will focus on Leiningen." Is this still pending? I am using figwheel:main on a React Native effort. My plugin info shows:

Built on: 2021-08-19 16:56
Built from: 1.11.0-eap3
I tried various configurations without luck. I'll try using Leiningen for now.


That doc is definitely way out of date. However this is a bit outside my realm of experience sorry, my limited experience with CLJS has pretty much always used Shadow. BTW if you do want a REPL with Shadow itโ€™s easy to achieve since it uses nREPL, so you can usually start Shadow on the command line and connect to it with a remote REPL config.


How would you normally start the simulator on the command line?


Just to clarify my comment above - Cursive supports deps.edn and the Clojure CLI, and has for ages now.


I use RN + figwheel-main + deps.edn + Cursive. No issues, in general.


Sample REPL config


@U0567Q30W Shadow rocks, but using it with Helix proved difficult once I got to React Native. So I fired up figwheel:main and am exploring that. So far so good, but I have just scratched the surface. yarn ios or npm run ios bring up iPhones, emulator -avd Pixel_5_ARM64-v8a brings up an android on my M1.


@U050KSS8M, ah, those parameters look like what I need. Thx for the screenshot! ๐Ÿ™

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Oh, wow, It Just Works(tm). Seems quite fast compared to my shadow experience. [n.m! -- Just to confirm, you start the local repl, then npm run ios or npx react-native ios. I tried the reverse order and it ended up "waiting for fig" or sth. ] Thx a ton! @U050KSS8M

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Oh, OK, that ^^^ is the documented sequence without using Cursive. n.m!


So I followed the directions here and managed to bring up a local repo on my figwheel:main+Expo+RN project by following the instructions here, but do not see how I would launch a simulator. Interestingly, if I launch the sim with the cursive local config running, when I kill it the sim notes the closing of a socket, messing with the source in IntelliJ is not "seen" by the sim. I usually do not use a REPL with CLJS projects -- I just let Shadow or Figwheel do their things after I change the source -- no no great loss, but did I miss some way to combine IntelliJ with Figwheel:main+RN?