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can anyone tell me how to configure which java version is used by react-native? there must be a setting right?


(downgrade your JVM version is not an option)

thheller07:08:40 in seems to do the trick


A tip of the hat to the CLJS Marines establishing a beachhead on React Native for the rest of us. 👏 So, good MatrixRN progress with Helix thanks to @lilactown and @aiba's work, but battling with React versions proves to me that I cannot control my fate, and I want to be enterprise-suitable (and handle the beachhead stuff). Right now the only thing I can get to run is stuff Aaron has hand-crafted. It rocks but we need to be able to keep up with versions on our own. I just noticed Figwheel has extensive doc on setting up an RN project, which would get me a little closer to the action. I will start working though that, but would love to start with an existing Figwheel+RN "Hello world" project. Anyone know of such a beast? The Google fails me. 🙏


I also am not finding one immediately. It might be quicker to just follow the Figwheel tutorial to get to a “hello world” project yourself.


Bingo, @U0DATSMH6. 🙂 I was just dropping in to say that Just Worked(tm). 🎉 Hella-rare in my extensive experience with O/S and especially CLJS+RN. Kudos to @U064J0EFR! 👏


Last time I went through the instructions here, they worked as far as dev setup goes I think any “hello world” template/project will be out of date pretty fast, since React Native/expo get new versions every few months or so. So probably better to go through the steps manually.

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