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Jeff Evans02:06:59

is it a known thing that you can’t see the testing contexts from the built in failure window? of course, I can see the diff, but if I have a doseq where 19/20 are passing, it’s not that useful unless I can see all of the contexts. If I simply run (my.ns/my-test) directly from the REPL, then of course I can see it in the output


You can’t always do it, but usually you can refactor the test to be a single equality check.


(I agree with your ask. I’m only suggesting an interim—sometimes better—solution.)



;;instead of this
(doseq [[in out] items]
  (is (= out (foo in))))

;; do this
(is (= outs
       (map foo ins)))

Jeff Evans13:06:30

Well sure. But I mean, the data I'm asking about is clearly available so there is no theoretical reason it's can't be shown with the failures. It already shows the individual failure diffs

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Jeff Evans13:06:29

But thanks for the suggestion


Just so I’m clear, what sort of context would you want to see? How would you want to distinguish the different cases? In the case of something like (doseq [[in out] items] ...) there’s no good way to get just in and out, unless I’m misunderstanding something.

Jeff Evans13:07:13

If you run the test as a function and get a failure, you will see it printed out