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Shantanu Kumar21:06:08

Hi, does anybody have pointers (or code sample) on how to integrate Reagent with a Material-UI theme?


Not sure what you are looking for? Here is a small example of a view that uses 2 elements from material-ui


(ns example
  (:require [reagent.core :as r]
            [reagent-material-ui.core.icon-button :refer [icon-button]]
            [reagent-material-ui.icons.close :refer [close]]))

(defn clicked []
  (println "I was clicked")

(defn label-view [name]
  [:div {:style {:display "flex" :flex-direction "row" :background-color "green" :border-radius 3 :margin-right 5 :height 30
                 :border-style "solid" :border-color color/app-background-color :border-width 1}}
   [:label {:style {:color color/app-background-color :margin-left 5 :font-size 14}} name]
   [:div {:style {:margin-left 0 :margin-top 0 :width 20 :height 20}}
    [icon-button {:style {:size "small" :position "relative" :top -10 :left -10}
                  :on-click #(clicked)}
     [close {:style {:font-size 15 :font-weight "bold"}}]]]])


hmm, was a bit quick there. Just realised you were looking more for a theme example.