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Leah Neukirchen10:06:43

Is it possible to override the S3 endpoint for datomic backup to use it with google cloud storage?


It may be possible if you can do it via some magic amazon s3 client override configuration. The last time I looked into this a few years ago there didn’t seem to be a way.


I think cognitect itself could do it fairly easily when they configure the s3 client in their code; but the trick for us is to do it without changing that code


I guess with enough reverse engineering, reflection, and monkey-patching anything is possible

Leah Neukirchen06:07:18

Yeah it needs a withEndpointConfiguration call to the builder... I'm not sure why they don't offer it, there are many other S3 providers. 😞


For anyone here wondering about some resources to learn Datomic I have been working hard to put this together — there is still long way to go but definitely a good moment to share

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datomic 6

That’s great @U8A5NMMGD! I’m keen to check it out once it’s available.

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what might be a cause of the following error?

(dl/import-cloud {:source {:server-type :ion
                           :region      "the-region"
                           :system      "the-system"
                           :query-group "the-query-group"
                           :db-name     "the-db"
                           :endpoint    ""
                           :proxy-port  8182}
                  :dest   {:system      "testing"
                           :server-type :dev-local
                           :db-name     "take-me-to-your-leader"}})
Execution error (IllegalArgumentException) at (impl.clj:490) .
This client does not support dev-local import.
that's with the latest com.datomic/dev-local {:mvn/version "0.9.232"} installed locally. strangely, other people on the team who are loading the same project and running the same function are not having issues