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@favila and @imre this release fixes the issues you were asking about.


You're a gent, Colin, thank you!


Definitely fixed, thanks!


hm, actually I take that back. I seem to be having classpath problems with run configurations now. Some items are not in the runconfig classpath which the equivalent clojure deps reports


I’m going to try a downgrade and see if that fixes


No. The issue seems to be that the transitive deps of a dep which is mentioned in an :override-deps isn’t included in the run-config classpath


this didn’t work at all before so I can’t really compare


the overrided-dep may also have to be a :local/root dep?


the workaround I’m using now is just not to override these. It’s possible I can just remove them outright. I think the important thing is the result differs from clojure -A[same-aliases] -Spath


Ok, looks like fixing the first bug exposes a second one. I’ll take a look at that ASAP

Daniel Wellman14:03:08

Thank you Colin!

Daniel Wellman21:03:16

I just installed the EAP and can confirm that it opens the project with lein-v version numbers. Thank you, this removes a little hurdle for me, and I’ll take all the help I can get. :)


Hi there. Is there a way to run tests with code coverage inside cursive? I’ve created a new leiningen run configuration but apparently Run ... with Coverage doesn’t work because of Deferred configurations cannot be run with standard runners. Thanks in advance.


There isn’t, unfortunately. I tried to get this going a while ago but IntelliJ’s coverage UI is very class focused and doesn’t work for Clojure. It’s a much larger job than I had hoped to get it working.


Ah bugger. Thanks for answering 🙂 I’m using cloverage so it’s not that big of a loss but still was hoping I can get some nice code coverage in the IDE so I know what I’m missing.