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does Cursive support a gesture where by i move a form to a new let binding, in the closest (inner most parent) let form? similarly, is there a gesture for introducing and lifting let bindings further and further up? i.e. these from clj-refactor:


You can introduce a let using Extract Variable, however amazingly I don’t seem to have that documented. Refactor -&gt; Extract/Introduce -&gt; Variable. You first select the form you want to extract, then select the level you want to introduce the let at.


ok nice! i'll give it a whirl!


One thing I should also point out - if you extract to an existing let the binding will be added to that one as you’d expect.


does Cursive support form-wise selection? i know you can expand/contract, but say i had three forms in a row i wanted to select and then cut, without using the mouse or selecting lines (with shift-up/down-arrow) is this possible?


Here's a discussion about that. There are workarounds but it could be better


yeah that sticky thing will drive me swiftly crazy 😂 seems like it's still on the roadmap


I use the sticky stuff, it gets the job done, but what I commented about still stands unfortunately


I actually look at this periodically, but it’s unfortunately still hard due to the discussed problems integrating it into IntelliJ’s expand/shrink selection. But I promise to look at it again in this EAP cycle.


Colin, is these any chance these would be addressed in the near future? Should I break it out into a separate issue?


I’ve filed this, and fixed it for the next EAP: