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@limix The re-frame-template uses Leiningen with Lein Shadow. Some regard Leiningen as "the old way". But it still works pretty well for us. If you just want to have a play around with ClojureScript, Shadow-cljs and re-frame, the template is probably more than good enough - because the build tooling doesn't matter too much. But if you are starting a new, serious project which will grow over time, then you may want to choose to not use Leiningen - the Shadow-clj docs will give you the alternative structure.


Thank you @U051MTYAB really appreciate the feedback


hey y’all, has anyone run into an issue with watch taking > 5s to detect a change? I’m not sure what I changed, if anything, but now there’s a significant delay between when I save a file and when shadow-cljs compiles


compiling itself is still fast at ~0.35s


looks like this happens when i switch from openjdk 11.0.2 to 11.0.10


@nonrecursive are you on macos big sur? if so upgrade shadow-cljs to a recent version, that should have fixed it. not aware of any other issues.