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getting a weird error with the fulcro.nteworking.file-upload tooling of Exception while converting mutation with file uploads. Error: Cannot write Function. can’t seem to figure out what might be causing that, and pretty sure I’m using the api correctly. any. pointers on where to look?


as far as I can tell, the root of the issue seems to be my remote calling using m/returning. commenting that out and just setting the remote declaration to be true works as expected


which version of Fulcro @mss?


there was just a patch on that in the latest


oh perfect, will upgrade. was on 3.4.10


appreciate the response


Yeah, it’s funny how this works. That code has been stable and untouched (but broken with returning ) for over a year. Just this week 2 different people have run into it. I’ve had other parts of the system that were the same way. Were busted basically forever, and then all of a sudden multiple people discover it at the same time.


Fulcro 3.4.19 just released. Includes improved dev-time error messages. This was a combined effort of @holyjak and myself. There are more improvements planned, but wanted to go ahead and get these out. holyjak and @alex-eberts are helping add web links to all of the error messages, and a new appendix in the developers guide that will help you understand the error messages, and will refer to the sections of the book you should read when you get them.

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