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rewrite-clj 1.0.572-alpha is available. The rewrite-clj library is used to parse and rewrite Clojure/ClojureScript/EDN source from Clojure and CloureScript while preserving whitespace. After a long, pleasant and circuitous journey, I am pleased to announce the first v1 (alpha) release of This release dusts off a well loved Clojure library, and adds Notably, it merges in, and brings up to feature parity with rewrite-clj v1, the functionalities of The release is looking solid to me, but I expect there to be issues and feedback, hence the alpha status. Thanks to a wonderful community for all the help and delightful interactions. And much thanks to @rundis for rewrite-cljs and @yannick.scherer for rewrite-clj v0. All with an interest are most welcome to drop on over to #rewrite-clj to chat.

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