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I tried to make shadow-cljs.edn recognized by cursive in this way but I couldn't figure out the way to import generated pom.xml to cursive. Is there anything to do to import it?

saitouena08:11:27 I might have misunderstood this. Importing pom.xml feature haven't been implemented yet but thheller suggested it would be a solution.


@tetsu.ponpon2000 pom.xml imports require the Maven plugin to be enabled. It should be enabled by default but it might not be. make sure it is enabled and then import the pom.xml via "project from existing sources"

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Thanks for your reply. I made it sure the maven plugin is enabled and then tried "project from existing sources" but it didn't work. I think it's because my project is multi-module project and my pom.xm generated by shadow-cljsl is in the sub module.


I might need to bring pom.xml to the top directory of the project and merge it with the existing pom.xml or something like that.


pretty sure you can import pom.xml as a module too but I've never used that

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I'll try to recreate my cursive project and to import my settings again. It might be a remedy.


@tetsu.ponpon2000 You should be able to right click on the pom.xml and choose “Add as Maven project” or something similar.

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