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Oliver George05:11:03

anyone have a good link for doing app sharing well? me and react-native-share aren't seeing eye to eye.


sorry i cant help but i am curious about the use case?

Oliver George02:11:44

Sharing is some variety of "saving a photo" or "sending photo to a friend" or "sending a link to the sighting on the public site".

Oliver George02:11:53

It works but I'm left feeling like I'm not using the APIs to their potential.


@U055DUUFS I’ve been using react-native-share as well. It’s been fine for me but my use case is pretty limited and I’m only on iOS.


I don’t know a ton about Android, but I felt like RNS got me everything that was available for sharing, which just wasn’t a lot.

Oliver George23:11:34

Thanks. I'd love to see a thumbnail in the share screen on iOS. I think it worked with a URL share but needs more to get a photo (media file) share.

Oliver George23:11:04

Also sharing to things like messenger... I'd love to see some text & the image.

Oliver George23:11:23

Perhaps I'm expecting too much from a basic setup.