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Is there any package that shows the definition of the spot where the cursor is at like the image I attached? This is the image I just made for explanation :)


I’m not an lsp-mode user myself, but I do believe it has something like that. There are some functions prefixed with peek in lsp-ui-mode I believe


Thanks, I'll try that. 🙂


You’re probably already aware of Cider I guess. It will show you the relevant bits, like parameters and documentation, but not the implementation itself AFAIK


I wrote some code for this function. It works like the image below! But it may has some bugs because it's experimental version. 🙂


Hey, lsp-mode has lsp-ui-doc that does exaclty what you want 🙂

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I think posframe is a good option to build a popup window.

Louis Kottmann17:11:33

I use emacs, cider and company(-box) and I would like to show the company-box popup "on demand" (i.e: while not completing) For example: without candidates, just the cursor on a name, and it would show what company-box displays when in the candidate list

Louis Kottmann17:11:38

how can I achieve that?