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Gleb Posobin16:11:29

ns-path behaves differently for clj and cljs.

cljs: (cider-nrepl-send-sync-request `("op" "ns-path" "ns" "")) -> (dict "status" ("done") "id" "1009" "path" "ampie_frontend/events/user.cljs" "session" "1aa9e7df-efad-453e-968c-6c32fc32d531")

clj: (cider-nrepl-send-sync-request `("op" "ns-path" "ns" "ampie-backend.users")) -> (dict "status" ("done") "id" "443" "path" "file:/Users/posobin/2020/dev/ampie-backend/src/ampie_backend/users.clj" "session" "0a41d39a-4235-4b7e-9e01-5a83809bd891")

Gleb Posobin16:11:52

The file path for cljs is relative to classpath looks like. Is there a way to fix this? Because of that cider's cider-find-ns doesn't work correctly on my cljs project, it switches to a wrong buffer, which is also called user.cljs , but in a different directory.

Gleb Posobin16:11:34

Should I file this as a bug to nrepl?