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No, for a while now in CLJS, if you (:require [my-ns :as my]), that will pull in the declarations from my_ns.cljs but will also implicitly pull in the macros from my_ns.clj if it exists.


ah, I missed that


just installed 2016.2 EAP and I don’t see cursive in Plugins, I tried to mess with “Browse repositoris”, click refresh button, but I cannot get it to display Cursive 1.3.0-eap2


any ideas?


@darwin: It’s only an EAP build right now. If you didn’t import your previous settings, you’ll need to go to Browse Repositories-&gt;Manage Repositories and add to your repos list. Then go back to Browse Repositories, refresh, and you should see it.


If you were previously registered for EAP builds and you imported your settings, that should have been done automatically though.


second case, "” was in my repositories as the only url, Cursive plugin was marked as incompatible, I couldn’t make it upgrade, when I uninstalled it, it went away and Cursive disappeared from the plugin list


I tried to remove the eap url as suggested somewhere on github in cursive issues, then put it back, click refresh buttons, but nothing helped


no big deal, I’m back in 2016.1


Ok, I’m off to bed now but I’ll test that tomorrow.


Anyone know how to see which license they're using? I have 12 licenses and I need to know who is using which license...Well, I assume I need to know that. Perhaps it is ok as long as we're not using more than 12 total...but I was trying to keep from having duplicates, and people move shuffling licenses needs to happen.


Tried looking through IntelliJ files, but don't see anything


I’ve organized ours through google docs 😄


Yeah, I just did that....fortunately I just found the original email I sent for allocation, so I figured it out.


So, I’m on a team that uses Emacs clojure-mode, with default formatting, and I’m always working to try and get my code to format just exactly the same inside Cursive. Is there a cheat sheet for setting that up?


@hlship: not directly related, but you can set code style settings to be at project level, which will mean you could save them in the git repo


And anyone using Cursive would pick them up


It’s been a matter of setting code settings, then getting dinged by the other members when the code is not formatted precisely the way Emacs would. Even with “reformat only VCS changed text:, I spend a lot of time double checking indentation when I submit a PR for review.


And tweaking Cursive’s settings a lot. And finding some things it just doesn’t want to do.


@hlship: I don’t think there’s anything like that, no, but it sounds like a useful thing to have. If you can send examples of things you can’t get to work I can probably suggest something.


@darwin: I just tried this, and it works fine for me: