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hey if you use the dev transactor where is the actual data stored on your filesystem?


@adamkowalski: the default location is a directory named data at the top level of the Datomic distribution. You can change the location in the transactor properties file


If you have an arbitrarily nested set of refs, what is the best way to query for the parent? For example, take a set of facts that looks like below.

{:label "parent"
 :props [{:type    :type1
          :content [{:label   "Label1"
                     :content [{:type    :type2
                                :content [{:db/id   1234
                                           :type    :type3
                                           :label   "Label2"
                                           :content [{:type :type3
                                                      :key  "Key1"}]}
                                          {:label   "Label4"
                                           :content [{:type :type4
                                                      :key  "Key2"}]}]}]}]}]}
Say I have the :db/id 1234 for the nested fact in the data structure above. What is the best way to query for the parent entity? Or would it be better to just attach a parent id to all necessary children?