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What do people who are writing scripts for Planck do when it comes to using spit, and other things that are at the top-level in Clojure but require an import in Planck?


I'd like to write "scripts" that will work as-is in Clojure as well as Planck, but can't do that when I use spit etc.


I often :refer them


Oh, in your ns? If I (:require [planck.core :refer [spit]]), will that not make Clojure yell?


<goes to try now>


Yeah, Clojure will get mad since it can't find Planck. I am talking about Clojure (not cljs) because often I'll write little projects and because lein run is so slow, I often switch to planck


But not this nice workflow doesn't work for code using spit, slurp, format, and usually I just make a Planck-only version, but it'd be nice to have a single file for lein/clojure and for planck


I guess the Lisp way would be to keep the lein repl open all the time and reload my functions into it as they change 😛 I can try that


Is it possible to add custom reader conditionals? It seems like that would be the right solution here if its doable. I didn’t find anything from a quick google talking about registering a new platform though.


I was thinking the same… I don’t know if you can...


But at least for Clojure and Planck you can use :clj and :cljs


Right. I guess it only matters if you want to support browser cljs and planck cljs


Theres a note at the bottom of the design page for reader conditionals but sounds like its a potential future feature and I doubt there has been any work done to support it yet: