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@ag: It was ambiguous before and I had to settle on a single name for configuration validation, sorry about that. To make things worse I may be changing it back to :compiler in the future to make things consistent. I probably went the wrong way.


@bhauman: Any way to just change the message for that particular error? Something like The key :compiler has been changed to :build-options, please update would be awesome, or even change it on the fly to match and give the message as well. Not sure if that would make things too specific for how you built the config error code, but it would be a pretty fantastic way to reduce the pain of breaking changes as you play with snapshots.


yeah for sure a deprecated message would be cool


@bhauman: it's ok. that's what snapshots are for.


actually I'm going to deprecate :build-options and make :compile the default and fix that error message right now


yeah, I was surprised when it broke your own SASS-watcher script